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The Human Trafficking Response Team has teamed up with Total Life Changes. This is a huge step for the Human Trafficking Response Team, our supporters, and victims of human trafficking.


Once a victim is brought to safety, we are now able to provide them with the option of a second chance. 


The future and the focus of Total Life Changes® is bound by an unwavering vision to put our innovative products in the hands of as many people as possible. TLC maintains a servant strategy, which means that no one person is bigger than TLC. This company is owned by every single IBO who we have attracted and retained over the past 16 years. The focus is to continue to attract customers and entrepreneurs that are seeking industry leading products that really work and are easily shared with others. At the start and end of each day, it’s all about helping people make Total Life Changes.

There is no “secret sauce” to the success of Total Life Changes®. The foundational principles have always been embedded in honesty, hard work and building trust amongst our customers and IBOs all around the world. The blue-collar mentality that fostered the early beginnings of TLC are as tried and true today as they were in the basement offices of current President and Tea Executive Officer, Jack Fallon. This former Ford Motor Company employee shared his vision with current Chief Operating Officer, John Licari; co-worker and friend. Together they have been able to spread this servant strategy and vision with hundreds of thousands of customers and IBOs worldwide. And we’re just getting started.


By getting victims of human trafficking to start their own business, it will give them the second chance they need to change their lives. This is not a mandatory requirement for victims and they are not required to do this. This is just another option. If a victim decides they want to join operation second chance, they will be guided and coached every step of the way. As more victims join operation second chance it will begin to create a support group where they can all work together and support each other. All victims will own their own business and keep everything they make.

Our supporters can do the same thing! Instead of taking donations, the Human Trafficking Response Team is asking you to start your own business as well. This will allow our supporters to work closely with victims of human trafficking and be their coach to a new and successful life.



Supporter and Victims, if you are not ready to start your own business, that is okey! By simply going to and making a purchase, that money will go towards other victims and it will allow our investigators to fund investigations on human traffickers to get them off the streets. 

There are a variety of health and wellness products on the website from detoxing, pain relief, weight loss, nutrition, energy, and many other benefits. There is more information about each product on the website. 

If you are still unable to purchase a product, at the very least, click on our education tab and educate yourself about human trafficking and share it with everyone you know.

If you have any question please send us as e-mail at



The Human Trafficking Response Team has teamed up with The Beard Struggle. This is a huge step for the Human Trafficking Response Team, our supporters, and victims of human trafficking.

The Beard Struggle!

The Beard Struggle sells natural beard products for men to keep their beards looking better than ever. They even have a top of the line heated brush to combat those irritating curls in your beard.

Every product you buy when you click on the photo below, every single penny will go to the Human Trafficking Response Team in order to help achieve our mission to combat human trafficking. CLICK ON THE PHOTO

Heading 4

Heading 4

The Human Trafficking Response Team has teams up with Heathen Creations to make Human Trafficking Response Team apparel and other items. 15% of everything sold goes to the Human Trafficking Response Team.

Heathen Creations


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