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Background Checks

If you run any type of business it is always best to get a detailed background check so you know who you are hiring and the people you work with. 

If you find that your employees may be around children or work with children it is very important to get that background check on every single person you hire. This covers you and your business and makes you an active part in preventing predators from getting into places they should not be in.

This only offered in the United States.

Background Check

$150/person. Please leave as much details about the person you are conducting the background check on. This will ensure accuracy. 


Full name, Birthdate, State, Phone Number, E-mail, SSN, and any other important information. 

NOTE: You do NOT need to provide all of the above information but are required to provide the first three at minimum. Information should be placed in the comment box. Company information goes in the top six boxes.

Upon receiving your request, documents will be emailed to you for a signature. Please review the documents, sign, and return.


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We provide Human Trafficking Prevention and Security Consulting in one package.

What does this mean?

We will give you a detailed report on what kinds of threats you face in human trafficking and provide ways to prevent it and this does include security recommendations or improvements to your location. The goal is to illuminate threats of human trafficking and to improve security. This service will be provided for many places. This includes but is not limited to...

-Places of Worship

-School (Public and Private)

-Colleges and Universities


-Medical Facilities



-Truck Stops


-Child Care

-Skating Rinks

-Many More

Once a licensed professional comes to your location and carefully analyzes your location and situation, you will be able to take action by making the changes needed for a safe environment for yourself and others. This will allow you to tell whomever you hire as security what you expect.

Please leave a description of the business or location you would like a consultant to come to. 

Human Trafficking Prevention and Security Consulting.
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