The Human Trafficking Response Team was created by a combat veteran, private detective, instructor, and highly experienced contractor. Along with a team of investigators, a decision was made to take the fight against human trafficking where most have never gone before. 

The Human Trafficking Response Team, like many other organizations, is dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking. This wasn't enough for us. We noticed that this is just a treatment to a global disease. This is why we are also dedicated to providing the cure. Now the Human Trafficking Response Team's investigators from all allied agencies, both government and non-government, will be investigating the traffickers to assist law enforcement with removing them from the streets for good.

Join us in the fight and educate yourself and the world. We are declaring war on human trafficking.

Help us win!


We are a group of licensed private detectives that work with agencies dedicated to battling Human Trafficking in the state of Georgia, with hopes of spreading throughout the country and eventually the world. We are NOT a law enforcement agency. We do NOT detain or arrest suspects. Any and all evidence collected is turned over to the proper law enforcement agency whether it be state or federal. Our detectives will also aid in locating missing persons. Missing people are often in danger of falling into the traps set by human traffickers and their recruiters.